Friday, 3 February 2012

Ta Dah!

Good Morning Everyone!!!

I am terribly pleased with myself, as I have managed to finish my Japanese Flower Scarf!!  I am utterly and totally happy with it, but I must say that it became addictive......... and I want to make more of these gorgeous flowers!!!!

I just need to think about colours and what I want to make next......... hmmmmmmm...........

Anyway here are a couple of picture's of my completed scarf....... It does still look a bit messy, as I still need to block it.  

I will of course show it to you once I have blocked it, because as many of you know, things just lay more orderly when they are blocked and they do look finished! 


I have also been making a bit of progress with my African Flowers which I previously blogged about here ........

I am finding these very slow, not because they are difficult...... no ..... in actual fact they are very easy to make!! But because I am using really fine yarn and a 3mm crochet hook, so my hexagons are a lot smaller and all the ones pictures above would only just cover a small cushion!!  But I will persevere, as I have promised to make both bean and peanut something for their new bedrooms.

The next challenge I will face with this particular project, will be how to lay it all out...... but that will all come together properly in the end, as I do have a couple of rough ideas sketched and noted down, but as I've been making more of these, I keep changing my mind...... 

Well, I have a number of things that have been rushing around my head and I need to get them down into some form of sketch or note....... so until next time...... have a creative time!!


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