Tuesday, 13 November 2012


Welcome Back.......

Things have been very strange recently...........

You may even think I have lost the plot.......


Because of this..........



As most of you know, I do not like to hand knit!!!  And I really do not like creating things in Black and White!!!!

But...... one of the commissions that I recently completed involved black and white creativity, and when it is your livelihood, you just sometimes have to give in and work in colours that the client wants!

I didn't have loads of hand knitting to do, but I did find these pictures that I took during the design process, and they made me smile, as if I am totally honest, I thoroughly enjoyed doing the commission, and creating in black and white!!!!  

I may even do more!!!

See you soon!


Monday, 12 November 2012

More Hexagons.......


How are you all doing?

Well, we really have been having a lot of cold and overcast days up here in the Northern Hemisphere!  Not that I am complaining, but they really are not good when you try and take pictures!!!!

These are the new colour way hexagons and as you can see..... you can't get the true colour!

The photo's came out either too dark (these are not completed and I have only tucked the ends in so it's not too messy! Hehehe.)

Or....... too bright!!!!!!!!!

Although...... I did manage to catch this hexagon in progress and it is almost true colour, but still a tad bit off!!!

I've been trying to complete a couple a day, so that I can get this project finished before I start a new one, as when I last counted........ I had 7 UFO's!!!!!!!! (Un-Finished Objects) That is truly terrible!!!!!! 

Still, on the bright side, I have plenty to keep me busy!!!

Well, must dash....... got lots of work on the commissioning side to complete and I have to do that!!!

Until next time....


Saturday, 10 November 2012

New Knitted Fabrics

Goooooood Morning!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, you may recall from here that the girls were busy creating!  

Well, it got me thinking that there are a few things that I want to do and I always push them to the back of everything else, because sometimes looking after the little peeps and day to day life gets in the way, so this was a time when Bean and Peanut were content doing what they were doing and whilst I was occasionally helping, I could maybe start getting on with some of the bits I wanted to do......

I managed to create all these fabrics.......

Fourteen (14) in total!!!!

Please excuse the creased appearance, but I did not have time to press them, as I was soooooo excited and couldn't wait to share them!!!

I have ideas for their use, I just need to find time to do it, which at this stage is VERY limited! But, I'm not going to complain, as I wouldn't change anything!!!

Well, I best get on.... I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

See you soon!!!!



Friday, 9 November 2012

Teeny Bear

Well HELLO Everyone!

Sorry for being so lax-a-daisy with my blog during this last week, but I have been really busy with a commission!!!!

A friend is launching a new range of bespoke clothing and accessories in December, and has asked me to be  part of the design team (Eeeeeeeekkkk!! - A very excitable eek!), so I have been busy doing stuff for that!

You may recall from here that Bean and Peanut were on half term and our thoughts had turned to creating things for Christmas......

Well, I have to sift through a lot of pictures and sort them out into order before I can upload them, but I just have to show you Bean's attempt at a Bear pattern that I have from my childhood....... I used to make loads of these little bears for friends and family, and it was all very nostalgic for me that both Bean and Peanut chose this pattern as one of their choices to create as presents for friends....

Here is Bean's test bear......

He is very cute for a first make, although a tad lopsided and not as stuffed as he should be, and Bean did not give him a mouth!!

Bean was not as impressed with him as I was, and that was purely down to the fact that she is a bit of a perfectionist and he didn't come out ........ perfect!

I am pleased to say that whilst Bean discarded him, Peanut was quick to adopt him and take the picture above, with him holding her lip balm!

On a good note, Bean did not give up, she has proceeded to perfect her bear making skills, and when I get a chance, I will post more pictures :-)

Well, until next time.... have a good day and thanks for popping in.


Edited to add:  I've just realised........ this is my 100th post!!!!!! Yaaaayyyyy! xxx

Friday, 2 November 2012



I've just popped on for a sneaky five minutes to let you know that we have been busy,busy,busy!!!

I've even managed to do the next set of colours in my project..... here's another sneak peak....

I am using all sorts of colours, and hexagon mixes, I just need to try and randomly plan how to put it together!

On the christmas creation front, the choices have been very cute and sweet and kept the girls occupied.  They have been that engrossed with their christmas projects that they have hardly noticed that miserable wet weather we have been having......

Mind you, in comparison to the US, our weather has been very mild and I hope everyone that pops in occasionally on here is safe along with their friends and families, my thoughts and prayers are with anyone who has been affected.

Until next time, stay safe everyone and see you soon!!!

Hugs and Best Wishes