Monday, 21 March 2011

More Baking ;-)

Yummy Cupcakes :-)

Baking :-)

Mmmmmmmm........... Brownies!  Yummy!!!!!

Knit - Year 2

Here is some Monarch knitted fabric. I chose to have my designs knitted in plain white yarns of polyester, tencel and lycra, to enable me to dye the fabric in the colours I chose, rather than colours from the shelf.

More year 2 images to follow.

Sketchbook Glimpse - Year 1

Ok.......... I'm not brilliant at drawing, but I get by........

The two images above were based on morning coffee for weave - rotation one.
Below is a glimpse into my transfer print sketchbook - folk art work.

Knit - Year 1 - Rotation 2

This project was based on re-interpretation of various shapes by artists like Lucienne Day, Ben Nicholson, Sonia Delauney, etc..

I made a sleeve using a domestic machine and 7 gauge dubied.

Weave - Year 1 - Rotation 2

This weave rotation was called Eco warrior.  We were required to weave fabric and create something afterwards using recycled material and a samurai theme.  I chose black bin bags and recycled jeans.

I made a little bag.