Friday, 22 June 2012

Miniature Cardigan

Welcome Back..........

Do you remember this post? Where I was telling you about my cardigan experiment after the ceiling had collapsed?  

Well here is the finished Cardigan .....

(Bear in mind it has only been hand washed and dried flat, I still need to block it.)

I really like the colours and think it is cute, but I am biased :-) 

But....... here is it's true size........

Yip..... Peanut is wondering if her baby Annabel doll can have this cardi! (It is bigger, but she said "it's fine, she'll grow into it Mummy"...... ahhhh, bless!)

I used a pattern for the sizing, the colours and design are my own choosing, but it is clearly not right!  I know where it all went wrong...... I used a 2 ply wool, rather than an Aran weight, but....... I still enjoyed making it, and I also have a proper sized one on the go as we speak!

Well...... must dash....... got lots to be getting on with!

Have a lovely creative weekend!

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Degree Show

Good Morning!

Well just thought I would drop you a note to tell you that I went to visit the Degree Show, and it was brilliant!

A lot of the work on show was absolutely fantastic, and it is a shame if you missed it..... but.... you can still get to see some of this work at New Designers.  I was fortunate enough to have been selected to show my work last year, and it really is a must see, as there are loads of fantastic things to see.  

 know a few people show casing their work there, so...... good luck to you all, you know who you are! 

It really is a good day out if you can get there. 

Until next time.....


Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Diamond Jubilee Celebrations.

Hellooooooo!  Welcome Back!

I thought I would look through all my photo's of what I have been doing and working on and update you....

Well, we had a fantastic Diamond Jubilee weekend, we relaxed loads, ate loads, explored loads, celebrated loads and watched all the celebrations on television.  (M and I had discussed going to London for the celebrations, but decided against it, as M works away a lot in London, and he really did not want to go plus the fact that Bean does not cope very well with large crowds!)

Our final celebration of the Diamond Jubilee, was to go up to Solomons Temple (a stones throw away from where we live), to watch the beacon being lit.

It was a great evening, it started off at 7.30pm in the carpark, where they had loads of fun and activities for everyone to get involved in, there was badge making, lantern making, rattle making, face painting, Morris dancing etc.. (I'm sure you get the picture) and finished at 10.30pm after we had made our way to the summit and watched the beacon being lit.

I was a real scatter brain, as I forgot to take loads of picture in the car park, but I did manage to get the Pipers and then remembered to take pictures from this point up.....

I took these two pictures (and a load more) on our way up and the sunset was amazing to see (I did get a bit carried away taking sunset pictures!)

This is a picture of the Summit and the first lot of people that had reached the top (there were a couple of hundred people up here!)
You can see the group of people at the top who were the beacon lighters.

This was the beacon being lit. ( I will admit, I was a bit disappointed, as I imagined that it would be so much bigger...... never mind, at least it was fun!)

We strolled back home and sent off two paper lanterns..... one for absent friends and relatives of ourselves and other friends and families and the other, for all the soldiers who had fought and lost their lives and those still fighting, in the hope that they will get home safely after their tours to their loved ones.

Finally we had a celebratory drink and sat out well into the evening, which is a rare treat up here in the Northern hemisphere.

It was a gorgeous end to a nice long weekend.

How did you all celebrate?


Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Where has the time gone?

Welcome back!

I can not believe that is has been over two weeks since I last blogged!!!

I have been so busy with all sorts of bits and bobs!

How did everyone enjoy the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations?  We had loads of fun and one the the projects I am currently working on is in these colours.........

You can get this wool from Great British Yarns and delivery is super speedy too :-).

I made this test sample (Hand knitted, which is very rare for me!)

It knitted really well and made me all giddy and happy!

I made the heart pattern up using square paper, and charted it out and then knitted it, and considering I have not hand knitted fair isle before, I was really pleased with the result!

I bought the wool, because the project requires felting, and this felted beautifully by hand - I am supposed to put the finished item into the washing machine, on a hot wash, without soap, but I think this would over felt it.

I promise, I will show you the end result!

Until next time....... 

keep creating!

xxxx xxxx xxxx

Sunday, 3 June 2012

A New Book!


Do you remember me telling you a while back that it was my birthday????

Well, I got a new book from a friend, so I thought I would let you have a sneak peak!  Bear in mind, that this is not my usual style, but I do like some of the ideas in it.........

Skull and crossbone knitted wrist warmer

Punk mohawk silhouette felted courier bag

boxy striped jumper

The cover

It does have the pattern for the earflap hat with mohawk fringe in it, and you can purchase a copy from amazon, if you like this type of thing........ as for me....  I've got to dash.... I've got a bum flap to knit from this book :-)


Saturday, 2 June 2012

Knitting Machine

Welcome Back!!!!

Do you remember me telling you about my catastrophe and how my knitting machine was underneath all the debris????

Well I am happy to report that it did survive, without damage, and I tested it out.......

Everything is working okay, which I'm really happy about.... apart from my calculations! Haha.

This was going to be a cardigan to fit a size 8 person........ I think I'll be lucky if it fits a 3 month old baby!!!  But..... when I've finished it, I will let you see it and explain what happened to it :-) .

So until next time..... happy creating!


Friday, 1 June 2012

Derbyshire Open Arts - Evolve Banks Mill

This weekend is going to be a very busy weekend at Evolve Banks Mill in Derby, as they are having their Derbyshire Open Arts weekend.

Two of the artists involved are friends of mine.  You can look at some of their work here and  here.

Both Jayne and Louise offer workshops as well, but if you can make it, do go along, they will be there, along with other artists, showing and selling their work.