Visual Studies

Year 1 visual studies began with mark making, using areas randomly marked off with masking tape, then using colours from our projects we were working on. (First knit project.)

It was interesting to see the different patterns together.

We also completed some mark making on white card using ink and black charcoal and tippex, along with black board and white chalk, pens and tippex.

One of the visual studies projects involved creating collages from different papers onto our own designed paper.

This was fun!!!  I was beginning to look forward to visual studies!  Even though I couldn't attend on the day, I always found one of the academics, who would explain what I needed to do.

We were required to cut outlines out of accessories or garments, and collage tissue paper behind them.

Make our own marked card, cut it up and stick it back together so it didn't match up.

Add some colour!

We had to draw colleagues on the course.....

with backgrounds....

in different poses and without backgrounds

We had to draw found images.....

then we had to draw academics garments that they bought in

firstly in black and white,

Then with shading and rubbing out areas...

Then in colour with coloured backgrounds.

Using some blank fashion images provided, we were required to design them using techniques we had been taught.

To help with the study of detail, we were required to find illustrations on the internet and try and re-draw them using pencil and ink only ....

The more I drew.....

The better they got!