All patterns are my own design. You may use them for personal use only.  If you do wish to share my patterns, please ask and make sure that you link back to my blog. Thank you :-).

British Terminology is used in all my crochet patterns

British vs American English Crochet Patterns
British EnglishUSA - American English
double crochet (dc)single crochet (sc)
half treble (htr)half double crochet (hdc)
treble (tr)double crochet (dc)
double treble (dtr)treble (tr)
triple treble (trtr)double treble (dtr)
yarn over hook (yoh)yarn over (yo)

Crochet Pencil Pot Covers.

Make 24 chain. Slip Stitch (SS) into 1st chain made. (This forms a circle of chains.)
Row 1 - Make 3 chain (this will be classed as your first DC), then DC into every chain of the circle and SS to join. (24 DC total). Check to see this fits around the base of your pot - not too loose and not too tight and adjust your starting chains as required.
Repeat Row 1 to the required height of the pot.
The edging is as follows:
5 DC into second chain, SS into 4th chain. Repeat this to end and join using a SS.
Sew in all ends. Cover complete.

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