Thursday, 31 May 2012

Derby University Degree Show


I finally have dates and times for this years degree show.  If you are able to go and have a look, try and do so, as there really will be some amazing work on show.

You can find all the details here ..........


Wednesday, 30 May 2012

I've been a very bad blogger!

Good Morning Everyone!

How are you all doing?  Well I have to apologise, as I have really neglected my blog following my catastrophe a couple of week's ago, but it was very important to get my studio sorted, so I have spent all my time since, along with the help of M sorting it all out.

Here's a picture of it's current state ......................

We managed to clear all the collapsed debris away and tidy it all up, and M went onto the roof and has now repaired it with bitumen, so it is water tight. 

During the cleanup and repair process, M discovered more areas of water damage, so he removed all the flourescent tubes, and has taken parts of the ceiling down as it is plasterboard, which when damp becomes pretty heavy and dangerous.  His intention is to remove the rest of the ceiling, and lights and redo the whole lot as he is worried that it may collapse onto me  :-).  Bless him, he is a real treasure.

Well, that is all the news for today, I have more bits 'n bobs to blog about later this week.

Have a wonderful day :-)


Monday, 21 May 2012

Major Catastrophe!!!!!!!!!!

Hello Everyone,

Sorry I was not around last week, but I had a major catastrophe happen to my studio :-(

I went into my studio on Sunday 13th and found a flourescent tube had fallen down and smashed onto my knitting machine.  After checking the machine out, I cleaned all the glass up, and then had a look at the ceiling, which looked a tad bit wonky, but nothing major......or so I thought.

I spoke to M as he knows about these things, and he had a look, and told me he thought I had a leak somewhere, but not to worry, as he would sort it out...... which he did, he climbed onto the roof of my studio (it's a nice big portacabin almost like these), bear in mind the weather could not decide between rain and hail at the time! And he made some emergency repairs, until we get some better weather whereby he will redo the roof properly. 

On Monday, I went into my studio and this is what I found.......................

The ceiling had collapsed and brought the light fitting down. All the debris landed on my desk and knitting machine!!

I really, really wanted to cry......... 

but, I had to make sure my machine was ok, so I cleaned it all up and sorted stuff out and moved things.  

I am pleased to say my machine survived and I am in the process of giving it a clean and oil. 

M kindly came in and double checked the rest of the ceiling, and we decided we are going to redo the ceiling as well, as there are other wonky areas, but they are secure, which we were both pleased about.

How has everyone else's week been?

I will get round to more blogging later this week.


Friday, 11 May 2012

Ta Dah!!!!!!!

Good Morning Everyone!!!  

How are you all doing?

Do you remember these balls of creative cotton?????

Well, I have been busy beavering away with them....

First came the flowers.......

Which then became squares.....

I love the way the colours look together....

I had decided to make a cushion cover...... for those neglected cushions from this post.... (One of five!)

I had enough for the front....... now... what about the back?

I was torn between a knitted back or a crochet back, 

but decided a crochet back....

Nice one!!!

Are you ready to see what it looks like?




TA DAH!!!!!!!!

We all absolutely adore it!!!! 

I was making it for my studio, but have been forbidden from taking it there..... phhhttt!

Peanut and Bean have both asked if I could make them one each........  ermmmmm, it may take a while, as I'm still busy with these!

Never mind, I'll add them to my WIP and to do lists!

Well, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.... I know I will as it is my Birthday today! (Yaaaaaay!) and apart from two very important people (My Mum, who is sadly no longer with us - although she is in my heart and thoughts daily, and my Dad who lives in Africa), all my family is coming up for the weekend!!!  I can't wait as I haven't seen them in two and a half years and I am slightly delirious!

Have a wonderful weekend! I know I will :-)


Thursday, 10 May 2012

A flower for you.

Welcome Back!!

You'll be pleased to know that I have finally finished Year End!!!

So to celebrate I made this little card for you all to feat your eyes upon ......

It is part of a set that came as a freebie with crossstitcher Magazine, but as I felt like I have not been able to do anything creatively for ages, I thought I'd stitch something quick, and this just seemed to fit with my requirements and time!!

I just love the simplicity of it!

I hope you enjoy it too.

x x x

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Yarny, yarny!!!


Yes, I should be concentrating on doing year end stuff, but I just had to share this with you..................

It's creative cotton!!!  In lots of lovely colours................

I've selected these......

and the reason I photographed the back of the labels, was so that you lovely people, can see the number of the colours..... purely because I get frustrated when I see a colour I like and then, I don't know what the colour number is...... I got these from the cucumberpatch, and the delivery was superfast!!!! It arrived the next day..... even though I ordered quite late in the day!

I know exactly what I'm going to do with these...... but that is for another post!!

Bean and I also managed to squeeze in some baking!!! We made these White and Dark Chocolate and Fudge Cookies.........

 They are delicious!!!  I will post the recipe I used as soon as I can, as they really are quick and easy to make!!

Well, must dash.... got year end to finish and the coffee and cookies are calling! ;-)


Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Funny Old Week


It's been a really funny old week........ the weather has been better than previous weeks have thrown at us....... on the home front there has been lots of sorting out being done, following Peanut's room renovation, we had kinda piled all the junk and debris into a corner, to remove at a later date, which finally came around!!!

I've also been busy with month end and year end (Call me mad!!!!  I look after M's Office and accounts in my spare time!!! After all creativity has to take first place....... right???????) Thankfully, these are almost done!!

Thinking about creativity...... here's a peek of my granny stripe progress..........

It really is slow progress, because I have been busy with other things, which I'm okay with, but hopefully after the coming weekend, things will settle down and I can start concentrating on important things!!

Well, I must dash......... really, really, really want to finish year end, as then I will be...... FREE!!!

So until next time .....