Wednesday, 22 February 2012

An Update

Well Hellooooooo!!

I'm amazed at how quickly time is going...... it's been an age since I last posted anything!!!

Well the reason for my absence last week was because we had half term in my neck of the woods, and I had amazing things planned with Bean and Peanut........ but alas.... they didn't happen!

The reason being that Bean fell poorly with Gastro and Peanut fell poorly with an ear infection :-(.  I was not well either, I have been getting a cold every other week since January, and then two weeks ago I got a chest infection, and I'm still not fully recovered, but my poor munchkins were ill, so I had to stop feeling sorry for myself and nurse them back to full strength, which meant lots of warm drinks, chicken soup and snuggles (our family slang for cuddling and kisses) and administering antibiotics for Peanut and warm water, plain bland food and snuggles for Bean!

Thankfully, they have both fully recovered, sadly just in time to go back to school :-(

During all this it was valentines day and I was given an amazing bunch of flowers.......

.....aren't they just gorgeous???? 

I did manage a teensy weeny bit of creativity, which I will post separately.

How did everyone else enjoy their week? Did you all get a valentine? I certainly hope so........

Until next time...


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