Thursday, 1 March 2012

Weekend Crochet

I just wanted to pop by and share my weekend crochet with you.

As you will know from my previous post, Peanut has had a throat infection, so whilst we were snuggling together on the sofa on the weekend, she asked me to make a blankie for Dogdog. (Dogdog is a toy that she got when she was 4 months old and it goes everywhere with her!)

Anyway, I had been making up some squares to use up some scrap yarn that I had lying about, so I went and gathered them up, along with some white yarn and set about creating her a blankie for Dogdog........

Here it is.........

The top two pictures were a couple of the numerous ones I took when trying to lay it out, the bottom left is the completed blankie and the bottom right is with Dogdog snuggled under his new blankie.

It was easy to do and Peanut and Dogdog are both very proud of their new blankie.

So.... until next time, when life has hopefully returned to near normal..... keep creating!


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