Friday, 16 March 2012

Busy Old Week

Hello again.

How has everyone's week been?

Mine has been extremely busy, but not..... if that makes sense!

It all started last week Friday..... it was Peanuts birthday, so I had all the preparations to do.  

When Bean and Peanut celebrate their birthdays on a school day, we allow them to open one present before going to school, as it is difficult to have to wait all day before opening any presents on your birthday. 

I usually dropped them off at school, and rush about getting banners and balloons and baking their cake in time for them to come home and enjoy the rest of their birthday... so you get the picture.  I do always try and ensure presents are wrapped and cards written, so that it does not add to the ensuing pandemonium!

Anyway this year Peanut gave me strict instructions about what she wanted for her birthday cake. Now you would think it was easier to buy a cake from the shop?  Well..... ummm.... no! My gorgeous family do not like shop bought cake!  So........... I take that as a big compliment, as it means I obviously bake a decent cake! (I should do, as I got an A at O'Level Home Economics and all the women throughout the generations of my family love to bake!)

So..... this cake............ it had to be chocolate and have cream in the middle, with chocolate icing and smarties and sprinkles....... anything else?..... Yes.... it must be round and can I use granny's recipe!

So I set to work and this is how it looked............

We (my Hubby always has the day of their birthdays off,) collected them from school and went bowling and had some food, then made our way home...... 

The girls do not always travel well, but they are at the age, where they will ask you to find a safe place to pull over so they can have a bit of fresh air.....

we found this spot.......

The views were amazing, although a tad bit windy!  We were able to climb the hill a bit and explore a little, and enjoy the scenery and views.

We finally got home and peanut spotted her cake sitting under cover......

I think she was very pleased with it , as she squealed with delight when she saw it and couldn't stop jumping up and down!!

She opened her presents to lots of squeals and laughter and then played with Bean and everything that she had received for her birthday.

Saturday was her Birthday party, so we took her and a group of friends to a ball pool and slide play center, after which we returned home and whilst she played with her presents, I packed.

We then drove up north, as bean was competing in a karate tournament on Sunday.  We stayed 3 miles away from where beans competed, and it was really nice, as we were able to take bean and peanut for a walk before dinner.  it was all very peaceful and tranquil.....

and we all enjoyed the walk.

We then went to Bean's karate competition in the morning, and I don't know who was more nervous.... Bean or myself! At 11 years of age Bean looks a lot older, as she is very tall!  She had entered two categories, points sparing and sport sword.  In both categories she was the youngest and the lowest belt.... (She's a Black belt). In points, the next youngest was 16 and a 2nd Dan (for my non karate followers - it goes various colored belts, then black belt, 1st Dan, 2nd Dan, 3rd Dan, etc.. up to 6th Dan - the 1st Dan belt means you have been training as a black belt for one year, 2nd Dan - training as a 1st Dan for 2 years, 3rd Dan - training as a 2nd Dan for 3 years.... and so on.  To get your Dan belts, you still have to be tested and pass, so a lot of hard work and dedication is required from the individual.)

Anyway, Bean came 5th in points sparing, which was not that bad considering she was the youngest, but at least she did not get hurt.  She also came 5th in sport sword, which we thought was brilliant, as the next youngest person was 18 and a 3rd Dan, and the fact that she had not actually had a training session in sport sword. She has only messed about twice with the sport sword in her master class.

We did enjoy the weekend although it was hectic and busy, and this week I have been busy sampling and sorting out my studio..... more on that next week.

So until next time....... have a good weekend and week ahead!


P.S.   The cake was delicious!!!!!!

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