Friday, 9 March 2012

Paper Cut Love

A few weeks ago, I did some experimentation with various bits and pieces, as seen here.

During this time, I managed to do some paper cutting.

Now...... I have to confess, I am not a paper cut artist, and I would never want to be.  I have a lot of admiration for people who do this for a living, as it is hard work, especially when it is done using one of these.......

I was introduced to paper cutting at University and my favorite artist is Rob Ryan.  I have this book of his, which is totally inspiring, and I do love paper cuts, and I do enjoy the process, but only if it is for myself or a family member. Now, I know that seems a bit selfish, but  it really is a lot of work for a card sized image......

Here is a bird cage that I made ....

It is very sweet and just needs to be framed.  I also made this, but could not decide between a black or purple background ......

Which do you prefer???

I created these paper cuts to brighten up my studio, which is still a WIP, and I cheated, as I used some old stencils that I had lying around.... I just moved bits about and created something that I liked.

It made me look at other work by paper cut artists and I found two, that I follow, who produce the most amazing paper cuts, and they will also create bespoke pieces, you just need to ask......

By Charlies Hand - Charlie does the most incredible paper cuts.  Everything is hand  drawn beforehand and then painstakingly cut out using a scalpel.

Caroline Rose Art - Caroline does bright and fun paper cuts.  She also does prints and necklaces.

These two artists are well worth checking out..... and I'll apologise now, as you may end up spending too much on their delightful creations!

Until next time..... happy creating!


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