Monday, 19 March 2012


In between tidying up my studio, I decided that I really should set up my knitting machine properly on it's own table and not amongst the rest of the disaster zone (that is the best description for my studio at the moment!), and check that it is working and give it some TLC, as it has been sat on my computer desk with bits on top - although still easily accessible!!

So.... I cleaned it and oiled it and ensured everything was working, and then I had to have a sneaky play to make sure I had not lost my knowledge.... hehehehe.... any excuse!

I grabbed a couple of yarns I had lying around and made these samples ........

The sample above was done on a machine I have been given, so I did not want to do anything technical yet, as I wanted to make sure that the machine is sound and no needles are damaged or broken.  It knitted very well and I will be testing it more over the next few weeks.

The samples above were done on my old faithful!  I just had to have a play and make sure that everything was working okay....... I got a bit carried away with it all!!!  I'm going to have to use these samples for something, as I can't bear to just leave them lying around doing nothing!!  I'll have a think and when I'm done, will show you what I came up with!

Well, I must dash as I've got more sampling......... errmmmmm..... I mean tidying up to do :-)

Have a good one!


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