Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Knitting Design

Good Morning everyone!

Well, one of my cushion covers got a hole in, and before I could rescue it, it ended up ripped apart!! I won't go into the details of how this happened...... but it did.

Now...... I don't have much knitted interiors or attire in my house, as almost everything I make is usually for some-one else, either family or customers.

So I decided I would knit a cover for the cushion, but I would have to try and match the colour to the covers we already have, so that it does not stand out too much!

Our other cushion covers are red, brown and beige, so I came up with these........

I couldn't find a brown and my beige doesn't really match, so I thought, never mind, I'll just remake all the covers!!!!

I started off with the stripes and then decided I may even have one with spots!

I like the back of the fabric as well as the front! Decisions, decisions!!!  

I guess you'll just have to wait and see which way I use them....... but that won't be for a couple of weeks, as I am going to be away the rest of this week, so...... until next time, have good fun creating!


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