Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Ta Dah!!!

Welcome Back!

I also want to welcome a number of younger browsers, who have been dipping in and out of my blog during D&T time at a certain school, which shall remain nameless!  I hope you are inspired by what you find here, and that it encourages you to explore your inner creativity and that you try new things and experiment more......... some things will work, and some things won't.  The main thing is to have fun and enjoy what you are trying out. Good luck and be proud of your achievements.

If you have followed me for a while, you may remember this post.....

Well, I have now finished the house and all that it needs now is a frame.

I am still busy with the second one, but as soon as it is finished, I will show you.  I find it amazing how you can design something and it looks so different, depending what you do with it.

The one above was very simple to make, I cut out felt to the shapes I required and then I stitched the felt pieces onto some plain calico, using running stitch and back stitch. the stars on the house were a simple straight stitch, for the tree trunk, I used chain stitch and the little dots were French knots.

You could easily use this type of design to make cushions, pencil cases, throws.... or anything that you can think of..... the list is endless!

Have fun with your creativity.


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