Monday, 1 October 2012

Kitten Update!

Good Morning Everyone! 

I hope you have all had a fantastic weekend, and welcome back to my blog!!!

As I previously told you, I have numerous bits and pieces to update you all with, so I thought I'd start by  giving those of you that are interested, an update on the kittens!

The picture below, is the one and only one I have of all seven kittens together, all other attempts seem to have missed one or two, or were blur from them moving around so much!  They were five (5) weeks old here.

 This next picture is one of my favorites  and is a happy/sad picture, the reason being that this was the runt of the litter and he was very sweet natured and very, very small compared to his siblings and cousins.  It earnt him the nickname Tiny.  

Tiny was seven (7) weeks old here, and sadly we lost him to a respiratory infection a couple of days after this picture was taken. You can see him in the above picture Second kitten from the right at the bottom.  If he had survived, I would have kept him, purely because he was one of the kittens I had spent a lot of time with in the beginning, making sure he learnt to suckle after his traumatic start in life, but I guess some things are just not meant to be. But, at least I have this picture of him, and he has a special place of rest in our garden.

In this next picture, you can see the two black and white kittens.  Bean wanted the one on the bottom, a boy, which she has named Treacle. A friend was going to have the one on the top, but changed her mind (she has only just recently lost her own cat.)  Anyway, I discovered this kitten (a female) has a hernia on her belly, and when other friends came to look at the kittens, no-one wanted her because of it, so M has adopted her and called her Whiskers! We have to keep an eye on her hernia, but have been told it's nothing to worry about, and when she is spayed, they will sort it out at the same time.

Whiskers is a very laid back kitten and is quite happy sitting curled up on my lap, sleeping!

In the final picture above, you can see Treacle (black and white kitten) then the next kitten you see (the one he has his paw on) is called Candy (female kitten).  She is Peanut's kitten.  The male kitten (in the corner - Candy has her head on him) is called Crackers.  His owner is a friend of Bean, and she absolutely adores him to bits.  

The final two black kittens have yet to be named, although they have gone to a friend of a friend, so the nice thing is, we get photo updates and news about all of them, which I am extremely happy about!

No doubt, I will post bits and pieces going forward about how Treacle, Candy and Whiskers are growing up.

Sorry if I have rabbited on, but I do hope you enjoyed the update :-).

Until next time!


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