Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Autumn has landed!


Welcome Back!

Well, we are heading towards winter up here in the Northern Hemisphere.  Autumn is here and the days are becoming shorter and colder.

We were fortunate enough to have a fairly warm weekend this weekend, so spent some time out in the garden, tidying up and trying to sort out in preparation for winter, when we were distracted by this.........

A somewhat large Dragonfly!!!!  His body was larger than the palm of my hand!!  He is the biggest one I have ever seen, and was absolutely beautiful!!!

We all spent ages watching him, and trying to get as close to him as possible.... I think he thought it was a bit of a game, as every now and then, he would fly behind us and hover for a bit, before going back to this same place (the wall of our garage, by the garage door!) Can't say I blame him, it was extremely warm and cosy there.

The garden has started to get its Autumn colours.....

It all looks extremely pretty and colourful, but, the only trouble with that, is the leaves start to fall off, which means lots of leaf sweeping, which turns out to be an extremely lengthy process, as we rake the leaves..... and then..... who can resist kicking them all over the place or playing in them???  Certainly not any of us!!!!!

Until next time....

Try not to disrupt too many leaf piles! :-)


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