Friday, 26 October 2012

A little bit of.......


Well, I have been playing with an idea for absolutely ages and ages!

When I was at University, we did all sorts of bits and bobs, and you may recall from this post, that I struggled with the process of transfer printing, right up until my final year, when it all clicked into place and I knew how to use it and create with it, in a way that suited me.

Well I had a lot of bits left over from uni, which I have kept in a safe place to experiment with at a later date.....

Well, I gathered all my bits up that I required......

Traced my template onto the back of my transfer paper, lay them onto my material as I deemed fit for purpose and then.... Pressed, pressed and pressed!!!!

Hey presto!  The end results!!!

I was very pleased with the results, considering I didn't use my press, I used an iron.

The results are absolutely fine for test pieces, and I will be playing about more in the future, as I have a plan for some work like this, but all will be revealed in due course!

Hope you enjoy them.


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