Thursday, 19 July 2012

The Final Quilt!

Well hello again,

I have a bit of a dilemma.......

As some of you know, from previous posts, I lost my wonderful Mum a couple of years ago.  She was an extremely creative person, who would try her hand at everything, just to say she had done it!

Well, the other week, my middle brother contacted me, to let me know that he had still not had a quilt that my Mum had started making for him, completed. 

What's so special about this quilt you may ask....... Well, it is the final quilt my Mum ever got to make and work on - she completed the front, organised the back, and all that is required is wadding (or batting as some of you may know it) and completing.  Sadly she became too ill and lost her battle with cancer before she could finish it.

Here is a picture of the quilt in question .......

Sorry for the poor picture quality, but this is a picture that my brother took on his phone and sent to me.

When I quizzed my brother more on why he hadn't got the quilt finished, he replied that he didn't trust anyone to finish it, without either ruining it, or taking credit for creating it!  We had a chat about what he could do, and then it happened........

My brother begged me to complete the quilt!  Both him and my eldest brother had talked about it and agreed that I was the only person they trusted and the best person for the job, as whilst all the women in the family can sew, I was the only one with quilting experience!!!!! (Errrrrmmm........)

What they do forget is, the last quilt I ever made with Mum was when I was 18 ..... over 20 years ago!!!!!

Still, I am very honored and flattered that they think I am the best person for the job, and willingly accepted the challenge!!!!  That's where the dilemma came in..... what happens if I can't remember how its done? or make a hash of it and ruin it?

Well..... I am waiting for my brother to find time to get this quilt to me!  So, in the meantime, I have time to refresh myself and read up on things I'm rusty about!!!  I can't wait to get my hands on it, so I can get started and complete this quilt..... and I have even thought of a name for it, I was thinking....... Irene's Daisies, after my Mum and because there are daisies on it :-)

What do you think? 

Oh, yes, If anyone wants to let me know how they think it should be completed, let me know as I am open to suggestions.

xxx xxx xxx

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