Monday, 16 July 2012

Kitty Galore!!!

Hello Everyone!

I'm sorry for not blogging sooner, but things have been a little bit hectic lately...... what, with the arrival of Seven (7) new babies!!!

Well, as promised, I said I would update you all on what happened....

(I managed to get this picture of the two of them at the beginning - looks like they are hugging - So sweet!)

Shadow (the cat with the collar on) went into labour on Wednesday, and I knew she was in labour as she didn't want to move away from me and she was purring a lot - Also Fluffy (cat without the collar and looking half asleep) would not leave her side! So......... I kept an eye on her......

The two of them took themselves off to their shed and I kept checking on them every hour to make sure they were ok, as I know cats are quite private creatures.  Anyway I checked at 7.30pm, nothing.......8.30pm, nothing...... I checked at 9.30pm........ eeek two (2) babies! (Look in the circled area in the picture below, you can just see them.)

So, I continued to check up until 11.30pm, but nothing else happened.  I went to bed and was up at 5.30am and went down, expecting to see more babies...... but..... nothing!!
Shadow and Fluffy were lying in a similar picture to the one above, with both babies in between them, and they were not moving for anyone!!!!

Now, I knew she would have more, as she was far too big for just two kittens..... so after showing Bean and Peanut who were totally besides themselves with excitement, we let them be.

I went in at 7.30am to find Shadow and Fluffy had moved the babies into a card board box that I had set up as a kittening box, and Shadow was pleased to see me and even had something to eat and drink, so I managed to get a sneaky picture of the two kittens....

I kept checking every hour, until 10.30am, when I went in, as Shadow was panting and crying and trying to push, but nothing was happening, I monitored her for a bit, and decided to call the Vet, who suggested that I bring her in quick!!!  So I bundled both cats and both kittens into the carrier and shot off to the vet (I had to take both cats as Fluffy would not let me go without her and kept climbing into the box!)

I had to leave Shadow at the vets, as she required an emergency C-Section!  It was a painstaking wait, as I was warned that we may lose her and the kittens.... :-(

At 3pm, I finally received a call to tell me the surgery had gone well, there had been Two kittens inside, one was now thriving and the one that had been stuck was very weak, I was allowed to collect them all, but the weak one could possibly die :-(    It was a happy sad moment, as I was happy Shadow was okay, but sad that we would possibly lose one of the kittens.

So I took this picture of Shadow post op, with all her kittens - the weak one is lying near her back leg and tail, one is tucked under her front leg and the other two can be seen clearly.

I also decided that after all she had been through, I was going to do my best to help all her kittens survive, so I slept by her and kept latching the weak kitten on, to make sure it had the best chance of survival.

I am very pleased to say it worked!!!!

Here are all four babies at feed time at lunchtime on Friday!!!

Fluffy went into labour on Thursday evening, and did very well all by herself...... (with me nervously checking her every so often!) She had 3 kittens on Friday, with the last being delivered at 4.30pm.

She deserved a long rest after that (above), and I managed to get a picture of her three babies (below), and change all the blankets, whilst she had a well deserved snack and drink!

I also managed to get a picture of Shadow's four babies all snuggled up together (below) when she went for a drink and snack on Friday evening.

I must add I was totally exhausted!!!! From all the worry and the sleepless night on Thursday, ensuring the survival of the weakest!  Would I do it again????  You bet! 


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