Wednesday, 4 July 2012

New Machine

Welcome Back!

Well, there is still no news on the kitten front..... they are obviously very comfortable where they are...... who can blame them with this awful weather we have been having!

Well, I have got a new knitting machine (yes...... number 3!)  here is a picture of it set up in my studio....

My studio is my space where no children, pets or husbands are permitted (except to repair collapsed ceilings  of course!)

In case you are wondering why I have 3 machines....... well, one is an electronic patterning one, the other has  a ribber on and this one is a single bed one.... at the moment! But the main reason, is because I am busy setting up shop, so as soon as that is going, I will let you know.

Anyway, I did a piece of sampling.....

and it was fun!!!!  It set my head spinning with ideas, so I had to write them down...... I just have to work on them and get sorted...... maybe in the near future I will give you all a sneak peek of my bits and bobs...

Well, have to go play with my machine!

Until next time....... happy creating!


1 comment:

  1. Glad you have been able to make use of the knitting machine:)
    Maybe you should try to make something for those lovely kittens!!!!
    Get creating woman, i want to see some of the fab stuff you made at uni and i think the whole world needs to see just what a great knitter you are:)!!!! lol

    Happy Knittingxxx