Wednesday, 25 April 2012


Hello Everyone!

How has your week been so far?????

Up here in the Northern Hemisphere, the weather has been abysmal to say the least!!!  It has been overcast and raining every day so far and really quite cold!!!  So much for the start of Summer!!

You may recall this post, where I said I would sort out my photo's and post a couple for you to look at... here goes............

Upon arrival at our accommodation, it was getting late, and the light was fading fast, so we barely had time to unpack and explore the complex, so unfortunately I was unable to take many pictures of the arrival.

We stayed in a static caravan, which was very nice and quite homely, it had a main bedroom, a guest room, a shower and toilet and a combined lounge, dining room and kitchen area.  We had two glorious days there, and both mornings, we were woken by seagulls and glorious sunshine....

The alarm clocks sitting on top of the neighboring caravan.  These two were rather comical, as the girls were talking to them and they appeared to reply...... had us in stitches!

Our breakfast visitors, who came each morning for a bit of bread.

The complex was huge!!! With various restaurants, chill areas, coffee houses, little shops to explore, as well as stages and water parks.

Scattered all around the place were these wooden sheep, with sheep dogs.  They were seats for kids to play on and enjoy.

Day one was spent exploring the beach.....

this was the view of the approach to the beach walkway.

A Picture from the walkway

From the other side of the wooden poles, whilst walking along the beach and looking back

The view from the beach looking back towards the complex

Further up the beach, exploring rock pools

Looking across the sea.  The views were so picturesque.  I loved the way the mountains in the distance were topped by the recent snowfall, which we had experienced ourselves.

There were a few things of interest on the beach during our explorations........

We found this sand shark, with absolutely gorgeous markings..... we had a good look at it, as it was perfect and we thought it was still alive, so M (my hubby) prodded it, and finally picked it up to discover that it was dead.  It was a shame, but we found numerous ones along the way, and realised that they must have got trapped when the tide went out.

I found this seaweed and loved the fat puffy bits, which reminded me of little oddly shaped hearts!

I loved the way that the various bunches of seaweed we found along the way lay..... all fanned out and relaxed.  The one thing that I thought was odd, was that the seaweed here all lay towards the beach, rather than away towards the sea, as I would have expected it to lay towards the sea because of the tide going out....(if that makes sense!)

We discovered quite a few rocks with lots of sea snails hanging on.  Bean did want to take them off and look at them, but we explained why she should just let them be.

We also found lots of these holes and wiggly sand worms all over the place, but none of us knew what they were made by.  We were tempted to try and dig one of the holes up, but decided against it!!

 We completed the day, by going to see one of the shows and having some food.

On Day two, we were again greeted by a beautiful day with clear sky's, so we started off by doing some light exercise and enjoying the local wild birds.....

We hired a paddle boat and went on the mini lake,  It had been created in a way where most of the birds visit it to breed and bring up their little broods...

If you look carefully in this picture there is a mother duck with her ducklings.  I counted 12 of them and they were all so cute and fluffy!!  There were another two mother ducks, both with 3 and 2 ducklings.  Whilst we were paddling around a swan tried to swallow one of the ducklings from the brood of 12, so we chased it away, and the little duckling managed to make it safely to Mum.

This Mum kept her eyes on us whilst we paddled gently past..... I think she was worried we would try and steal the eggs she was incubating!  She did not move at all from her nest, and quite frankly I don't blame her!!

These seagulls had some young gulls with them, and I did wonder if they would be aggressive, but they were very chilled and calm (I have experienced more aggressive seagulls - you know the kind that roll their feathers up like sleeves and then attack you - not very pleasant!!)

and these were the gorgeous swans..... one of which did try eating the duckling...... but still.... They are gorgeous creatures.

Upon disembarking our paddle boat, the assistant thanked us for chasing the swan, and then proceeded to tell us that a Heron had swooped down the day before and taken 5 ducklings from the broods of 3 and 2.  It was quite sad to think about it.

From here, we took Peanut to the climbing area, as we had booked her an instructor, and bean was going onto a play center.

Peanut was here for 2 hours, climbing, abseiling, swinging, sliding  and attempting the leap of faith!

M and I got to relax and watch her and Bean burning off a lot of energy!  The both cam back totally shattered and Peanut was pleased to have done the leap of faith without hesitation (she had previously done it on a school trip).

so we had a fairly early night and chilled out.

Day three we awoke to a very overcast day...... but that was okay, as we had to pack and vacate the caravan by 10.

The girls had an activity planned in the water park, so we spent the day swimming, sliding and relaxing by the pool whilst Peanut did some aqua jetting and Bean did some aqua gliding.  Unfortunately for policy reasons, we could not take any photos, but they had a fabulous time and it seemed like a good ending to a short break.

We arrived back home at about 10pm and were totally shattered, but had thoroughly enjoyed our break!

I hope you all enjoyed the photos!



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