Thursday, 5 April 2012

Easter Baking


Before we departed on our surprise trip, Bean and Peanut begged me to do some Easter Baking.

So we looked inside a few of our favorite baking books and decided to make Chocolate Easter cakes, and white chocolate corn flake cakes........

and...... we had to make some heart cakes, which didn't make it to the icing stages, as they were removed from the baking tray and promptly devoured!!!!

The Girls decorated the corn flake cakes and the three of us ended up in a production line sort of thing when it came to icing the cupcakes, with me doing the icing, Peanut adding the chocolate egg and Bean doing the sprinkles.

There was a request to try the delicious looking goodies out, but I made them refrain, on the basis that we could have something nice on our trip.....where ever it may take us!!!

There is a lot of excitement around the place........ I will report back upon our return!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter!



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