Thursday, 26 April 2012

Peanut's Creation


I just had to show you a creation made by Peanut!!!

It was a project she was given for D&T, where they were required to design and make a cushion.

Peanut decided she was going to make a cupcake cushion, which could lay on her bed and hold her iPod, so she drew some pictures and planned everything and collected her fabric and bits she needed and got busy.

It was quite a challenge for her, as she had never sewn anything like this before, so she asked me for some help, which I agreed to, on the understanding that it was down to her to do it and I would take on the role of guide and counselor only!

She had three pieces of material - Red for the back of the cushion, Cream for the cupcake icing and Pink for the cupcake itself.  She stared by sewing buttons onto the cream piece of material for smarties, and then she struggled to put the pocket on, so I told her what she would need to do, so she folded over the upper edge of the pocket and then did a running stitch.  she then pinned the pocket into position and then sewed it in place, after which she wanted to do some blanket stitch.

The good thing about this all, was she knew exactly what she wanted to do....... she just struggled with technique, so I started her off, completed a stitch and explained how it was done and she then completed it, I also assisted her with the corners, but in general I was sitting watching her progress!!  (I admit, I felt useless and unnecessary, but extremely proud! Hehehe.) 

She then pinned the pink to the cream and sewed them together using my sewing machine. (now I could have easily done the sewing together for her..... but I felt she had to learn to master it herself, so I stood behind her, whilst she slowly and painstakingly sewed her cushion together.) 

She asked me if we could add some "sprinkles" to the icing around her "smarties". This was again an easy process as she wanted long sprinkles and dot sprinkles.

I showed her how to do a Bullion stitch, for the long sprinkles and a French knot, for the dot sprinkles. (I've added links in case you want to try these yourselves) She then happily did them and placed them where she wanted them.

After she had completed her sprinkles, she pinned and sewed the rest of her cushion together, leaving a gap to turn it the right way and stuff it, then she stitched it together using a Slip stitch.

This is the end result....................................

I forgot to mention that she also added the crochet flower to the pocket and a button for a cherry on the top.

 The completed cushion, with iPod in place!  

I must say that I am extremely proud of her for making this, as it is the first real bit of sewing that she has done almost completely by herself!!!  Isn't it fabulous!!!

Until next time.........


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