Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Funny Old Week


It's been a really funny old week........ the weather has been better than previous weeks have thrown at us....... on the home front there has been lots of sorting out being done, following Peanut's room renovation, we had kinda piled all the junk and debris into a corner, to remove at a later date, which finally came around!!!

I've also been busy with month end and year end (Call me mad!!!!  I look after M's Office and accounts in my spare time!!! After all creativity has to take first place....... right???????) Thankfully, these are almost done!!

Thinking about creativity...... here's a peek of my granny stripe progress..........

It really is slow progress, because I have been busy with other things, which I'm okay with, but hopefully after the coming weekend, things will settle down and I can start concentrating on important things!!

Well, I must dash......... really, really, really want to finish year end, as then I will be...... FREE!!!

So until next time .....


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