Monday, 21 May 2012

Major Catastrophe!!!!!!!!!!

Hello Everyone,

Sorry I was not around last week, but I had a major catastrophe happen to my studio :-(

I went into my studio on Sunday 13th and found a flourescent tube had fallen down and smashed onto my knitting machine.  After checking the machine out, I cleaned all the glass up, and then had a look at the ceiling, which looked a tad bit wonky, but nothing major......or so I thought.

I spoke to M as he knows about these things, and he had a look, and told me he thought I had a leak somewhere, but not to worry, as he would sort it out...... which he did, he climbed onto the roof of my studio (it's a nice big portacabin almost like these), bear in mind the weather could not decide between rain and hail at the time! And he made some emergency repairs, until we get some better weather whereby he will redo the roof properly. 

On Monday, I went into my studio and this is what I found.......................

The ceiling had collapsed and brought the light fitting down. All the debris landed on my desk and knitting machine!!

I really, really wanted to cry......... 

but, I had to make sure my machine was ok, so I cleaned it all up and sorted stuff out and moved things.  

I am pleased to say my machine survived and I am in the process of giving it a clean and oil. 

M kindly came in and double checked the rest of the ceiling, and we decided we are going to redo the ceiling as well, as there are other wonky areas, but they are secure, which we were both pleased about.

How has everyone else's week been?

I will get round to more blogging later this week.


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