Monday, 12 November 2012

More Hexagons.......


How are you all doing?

Well, we really have been having a lot of cold and overcast days up here in the Northern Hemisphere!  Not that I am complaining, but they really are not good when you try and take pictures!!!!

These are the new colour way hexagons and as you can see..... you can't get the true colour!

The photo's came out either too dark (these are not completed and I have only tucked the ends in so it's not too messy! Hehehe.)

Or....... too bright!!!!!!!!!

Although...... I did manage to catch this hexagon in progress and it is almost true colour, but still a tad bit off!!!

I've been trying to complete a couple a day, so that I can get this project finished before I start a new one, as when I last counted........ I had 7 UFO's!!!!!!!! (Un-Finished Objects) That is truly terrible!!!!!! 

Still, on the bright side, I have plenty to keep me busy!!!

Well, must dash....... got lots of work on the commissioning side to complete and I have to do that!!!

Until next time....


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