Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Surprise Holiday!

Welcome Back!

Well, you may recall from this post that I mentioned that we were going on a Special Holiday......

Well, we went here.......

Yip...... Disneyland Paris! 

M and I were very proud of ourselves, as we managed to keep it to ourselves until we had to take the passports and tickets out at Euro star at St. Pancras and then Bean and Peanut went crazy!!  They were besides themselves with excitement!!!!

We went for four nights, five days, and I can say, by the end, I was more than ready to come home!!!!  We walked 10 miles each day, making sure we saw as much as we could and did as much as we could, and having been there before, when Bean was 6 and Peanut was 9 months old, we were a bit apprehensive about Peanut, especially as we knew how much walking there was....  She coped very well, as very last minute, I bought both Bean and Peanut a pair of Heely's. (Not these exact ones and I got them on sale!) We had bought Bean a pair when she was 7 and she knew how to use them, so we only had to get Peanut to use them, which she got the hang of after a day!

By the end of the holiday, I did wish I had bought myself a pair!  We had lunch at Cafe Mickey and met the characters, we went on lots of rides and did everything we wanted to do and more! It really was fantastic!!!

I'll leave you with a few of our favourite pictures from the fantillusion and fireworks.

Until next time.

xxx xxx xxx

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