Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Where has the time gone?

Welcome back!

I can not believe that is has been over two weeks since I last blogged!!!

I have been so busy with all sorts of bits and bobs!

How did everyone enjoy the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations?  We had loads of fun and one the the projects I am currently working on is in these colours.........

You can get this wool from Great British Yarns and delivery is super speedy too :-).

I made this test sample (Hand knitted, which is very rare for me!)

It knitted really well and made me all giddy and happy!

I made the heart pattern up using square paper, and charted it out and then knitted it, and considering I have not hand knitted fair isle before, I was really pleased with the result!

I bought the wool, because the project requires felting, and this felted beautifully by hand - I am supposed to put the finished item into the washing machine, on a hot wash, without soap, but I think this would over felt it.

I promise, I will show you the end result!

Until next time....... 

keep creating!

xxxx xxxx xxxx

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