Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Diamond Jubilee Celebrations.

Hellooooooo!  Welcome Back!

I thought I would look through all my photo's of what I have been doing and working on and update you....

Well, we had a fantastic Diamond Jubilee weekend, we relaxed loads, ate loads, explored loads, celebrated loads and watched all the celebrations on television.  (M and I had discussed going to London for the celebrations, but decided against it, as M works away a lot in London, and he really did not want to go plus the fact that Bean does not cope very well with large crowds!)

Our final celebration of the Diamond Jubilee, was to go up to Solomons Temple (a stones throw away from where we live), to watch the beacon being lit.

It was a great evening, it started off at 7.30pm in the carpark, where they had loads of fun and activities for everyone to get involved in, there was badge making, lantern making, rattle making, face painting, Morris dancing etc.. (I'm sure you get the picture) and finished at 10.30pm after we had made our way to the summit and watched the beacon being lit.

I was a real scatter brain, as I forgot to take loads of picture in the car park, but I did manage to get the Pipers and then remembered to take pictures from this point up.....

I took these two pictures (and a load more) on our way up and the sunset was amazing to see (I did get a bit carried away taking sunset pictures!)

This is a picture of the Summit and the first lot of people that had reached the top (there were a couple of hundred people up here!)
You can see the group of people at the top who were the beacon lighters.

This was the beacon being lit. ( I will admit, I was a bit disappointed, as I imagined that it would be so much bigger...... never mind, at least it was fun!)

We strolled back home and sent off two paper lanterns..... one for absent friends and relatives of ourselves and other friends and families and the other, for all the soldiers who had fought and lost their lives and those still fighting, in the hope that they will get home safely after their tours to their loved ones.

Finally we had a celebratory drink and sat out well into the evening, which is a rare treat up here in the Northern hemisphere.

It was a gorgeous end to a nice long weekend.

How did you all celebrate?


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