Monday, 23 January 2012

Better Late then Never!!

Goooooooood Morning!!!! I hope you have all had a wonderful and relaxing weekend!!!

I have had a fairly quite weekend..... for me!!  (Apart from ferrying the girls to swimming, parties and horse riding!)

Well, last week I made apologies for being late with my post ......... the reason for this ........... and it is a very good reason...... is ............. I graduated!!!

Yip.......... I finally got to wear my Mortarboard and Gown!!!!!!

Here's a picture of me in all my finery!!!

I was soooooooo very proud and sad at the same time!!!! 

I was very proud that I had finally managed to put myself through University, with the help and patience of my lovely hubby and wonderful children, but very sad that my wonderful Mum was not able to see me graduate, as she  passed away in the middle of my second year.......  But then I was all proud again, as I had managed to complete my degree whilst I was going through the turmoil and sadness of losing my Mum, and I knew that she would have been very proud, as I am the first in the family to go to University and get a degree!!!

So...... last week, I was dashing around, making sure garments were ready for everyone, and that I had all the tickets and paperwork that was required!! 

It was lovely to see everyone, but strange that we had completed our degree's 6 months ago, and we were only now just having the graduation ceremony!!!

So.................... that is the reason I did not post anything!

I have also been doing a little bit of hooky work, but more about that in the next post, which will be sooner, rather than later!

So until then........... have a fabby week!

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