Monday, 3 December 2012


Hello Everyone!!!!

Happy December!!!  These last couple of weeks have really flown by in a blur!!!

We have had a small fluttering of snow, which quickly disappeared with the rain!  It was lovely to catch a brief glimpse of it...... but, it also reminded me of last years snowfall......

This picture is from last year.

You may recall this post where I told you all about our snowfall and a few posts after we were still having bad weather!! 

Still it has an upside...... we get to have snow fights, followed by warm cups of hot chocolate with marshmallows!!!!!  Mmmmm, I can smell it all now!!!

Creatively, I have been flat out working on that commission I told you about!!!  Things are coming together, but it's keeping me away from blogging!!!

Never mind, it pays the bills, which I am very grateful for.

Well, must dash!!!!  Hopefully see you all soooooooooon!!!!!

Keep warm!


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