Friday, 16 September 2016

HELLO..... It's me....

I am sorry I have been missing for so long, but things and life has got in the way, and blogging fell to the side and kind of became unimportant and irrelevant to the roller coaster I have been on!

The last 16 to 18 months have been extremely hard and very negative for me and if I am truly honest, I wish they never happened, but sadly they did and I am still working on me, and becoming a stronger, better me!!  

It has shown me the true colours of some people's morals and integrity, and the lengths they will go to, to make themselves feel better and good about themselves, regardless of the hurt and destruction that they cause to other innocent people and children! The positive's of this are that it has shown me how strong I am and what I can cope with and you know what...... good luck to them.

This quote says it all for me!!

But.... I digress, I am sure you did not come to visit my blog to hear me rant!!!

I have been busy with various bits and bobs and am currently trying to set and link everything up on the web, so that I don't have to copy and repeat everything over and over, but it is taking time and I am not proficient with technology, but I do manage to get by!!!

I am on twitter as Cheryl Graf (@Chezzg), Instagram as Cheryl Graf and I have a facebook page as Cheryl Graf Textiles, so if you want a nosey, pop onto any of these and feel free to say Hi!!

I am also trying to get myself organised to set up either an Etsy or Folksy page, but I am torn between the two, so need to do a bit more research!!! If any of you have experience of either of these and would like to share it with me, I would be extremely grateful!  

So........ watch this space.... along with Facebook, twitter and instagram and I will keep you updated!!!

Have a great weekend!!!


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