Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Mental Blockage!!!

I have been struggling for a few weeks now with a mental block!!!  I should be designing and ....... quite frankly ............ I'm not!!

How do you overcome such blockages? Certainly not by ripping your house apart!!!  This only adds to the mental hysteria!!!

Well, I feel I can see the light, as I went to visit a friend, and we went out for some retail therapy at the fabric shop!!!   I had some material from when I was a fresher at Uni and had been wanting to make something with it for soooooo long, rather than wasting it, so I added a new piece freshly purchased ....

The bottom piece (blue floraly one) is the new one...... NOW the fun could begin......

I wanted to make something that would be useful for both bean and peanut ....


I made 6 bags, which can hold anything and everything and are all fully lined and they fit neatly into one another to save storage space if not being used!

The last time I did any sewing (proper sewing - not messing around with the sewing machine), was 11 years ago, when I made a Baptism gown, complete with bonnet and booties, so I was a bit apprehensive when making these, but everything came flooding back....... a bit like riding a bike!

Guess what else? ........ My Design Mojo has returned!!

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